Fiji Sun (2018-06-06):Ambassador: Why Chinese Projects Train 1000


Ambassador: Why Chinese Projects Train 1000

The Chinese Government has long respected Fiji’s path of development which is conforming to

its own national conditions, says China’s ambassador to Fiji.

Speaking at the capacity building workshop on Juncao Energy at the Tanoa International Hotel

in Nadi on Monday ambassador Qian Bo said development co-operation with Fiji would be

unwavering despite any the changes to international and regional landscapes.

“China’s development co-operation to Fiji is selfless and sincere without conditions,” Mr Bo


“It showcases the international responsibilities of China, as a major country and the sincere

aspiration to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

“China will always be a steadfast and reliable development partner for Fiji and other Pacific

island countries.”

He said Juncao Technology, a Fiji-China agriculture project, could help small island countries

develop sustainable agriculture, reduce poverty, achieve Sustainable Development Goals,

cope with climate change and promote renewable energy.

“The Juncao project is multi-functional. It can be applied in mushroom cultivation, livestock

forage, biomass and soil preservation,” Mr Bo said.

“The cultivation of Juncao grass helps a number of pasture farmers to alleviate lack of green

forage in the dry season.”

To date, he said, the project has trained close to 1000 Fijian farmers and technicians.

“China’s foreign aid provides not only materials and infrastructure but also capacity building,”

the ambassador said.

China has also helped establish the Rice Technical Co-operation project in an effort to revive

the rice industry, and help it achieve self-sufficiency in production, ensure food security and

promote the mechanisation of agricultural production.

“There will be no development of the world without the development of agriculture and rual

areas in the Pacific small island developing states, including Fiji,” he said.